Yan Lu
About me
  • I am a Senior Software Engineer at Google working on AR/VR projects. I hold a PhD from Texas A&M University, where I built a visual odometry system that exploited heterogeneous landmarks, and also developed an RGB-D odometry algorithm solely based on line landmarks, being the first of its kind. Before joining Google, I worked at Honda Research, NVIDIA, and Amazon Lab126 on a varieaty of cool projects. For example, at NVIDIA we developed a top-notch visual localization solution that showcased the possbility of lidar-free autonomous driving on highway. Check out the brilliant demo videos!
  • My curent research interest is in sensor fusion based SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) for mobile devices and autonomous robots, which I have been researching and working on for the past 10 years.

Visual Localization
Lidar-free Autonomous Driving (NVIDIA)

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